Every other person who all are into cars thought at some point that TATA bought Jaguar JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) because FORD insulted TATA MOTORS in 1998- stating TATA doesn’t know how to make cars and even asked not to enter in such venture. thats the reason of rumour of THE STORY OF REVENGE due to which Mr. Ratan Tata spent 12000 Crores Rupees to buy JLR. But the fact is something else.

The Story Of Revenege

2008- TATA Bought Jaguar for 2.3 Billion  (60% Discounted price)

Before taking this step TATA sent a his management group and conducted a meeting with the dealers and the management of all the factories globally to get the exact valuation to which they strategically agreed upon for which they some terms and conditions

TATA in 2008 was the 4th biggest truck maker & 2nd biggest Bus maker and India’s highest automotive revenue generating company , 90% revenue was from Indian Market and rest from Africa. Ultimately this strategy will make TATA rigid Globally, And now 21% revenue is from India and 79% from across the globe.